A Call for Proofreaders

It’s that time once again… We’ve got a big pile of releases ready to go but they need to be proofread. Do you have proofreading experience or are a thorough reader? Want to get in on the fun? We’re looking to make headway on this stack of books with the hope of getting them all out for Pulpfest. So if you’re interested in proofreading, drop us a line here or by using the Contact Us form.


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  1. I love the pulps, majored in English, and was an editor at Encyclopedia Britannica.

    This sounds like _fun_!

  2. Proofereaders? Presume you meant proofreader and that was a test. ;^)

  3. Ha! Glad to see Altus has a sense of humor. I’d be happy to proof some pulp. – Lee in AZ

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