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General Information

Since our books are shipped directly from the printer(s), printing and delivery times can vary, especially at peak times (such as December). Generally we recommend allotting three weeks’ time prior, but typically we see the books delivered before then.

The “Search products…” field at the top of the page is the best way to search, or if you prefer to browse, you can click the “Shop” link or the “Categories” menu, both also at the top of every page.

Please use the contact form and let us know what damaged occurred, along with your order number. We may also ask for photos of the damage to pass along to the printer, and possibly request the damaged book to be returned to us (in which case we will email you a prepaid label).

We’ll do everything we can to assist with special orders. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

As soon as we receive tracking info for your order from the printer, we’ll immediately add that same info to your order. Any time the order is modified, an email will automatically be emailed to you.

Unfortunately we cannot take credit cards over the phone. But if there’s a special request, please use the contact form and we’ll figure out a solution.

Products & Services

It’s completely safe: we use an encrypted third party to accept orders. We never have access to your credit card number.

Your credit card is charged upon placing your order.

On the checkout page, you’ll see the credit card number field: we accept all major credit card types.

Shipping on US orders for softcover books are free over $35.

Hardcovers have a base charge of around $6-7 (depending on the book), and each additional hardcover ads a few dollars to the shipping cost.

And YES: we do ship internationally!

Usually our printers use USPS, but if the order is larger in size, they may instead opt for UPS or FedEx.

Yes! Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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