Press Release: Argosy, Black Mask, and Famous Fantastic Mysteries Return to Magazine Format


Featuring NEW stories by Frederick Nebel, Paul Bishop, and Kimberly B. Richardson

October 6, 2016 — Three of the most historic pulp fiction magazines of the Twentieth Century are set to return to magazine format.

This November, Altus Press will relaunch full-length magazines of Argosy, Black Mask, and Famous Fantastic Mysteries in periodical format. These three pulp magazine titles were renowned for the high level of quality fiction which they published for decades.

Argosy, Black Mask, and Famous Fantastic Mysteries will be composed of classic fiction from the backlog of The Frank A. Munsey Company, Pro-Distributors Publishing Company, Inc., and Popular Publications, Inc., along with all-new stories and articles.

Argosy features an ALL-NEW story by Frederick Nebel, along with stories by H. Bedford-Jones, Berton E. Cook, Ralph R. Perry, W. Wirt, Murray R. Montgomery, and Norbert Davis. Argosy’s focus will remain primarily on adventure fiction.

Black Mask is highlighted by a brand new story by award-winner Paul Bishop, as well as classic hard-boiled detective stories by Carroll John Daly, Frederick Nebel, Raoul Whitfield, T.T. Flynn, Merle Constiner, Richard Sale, and Norbert Davis.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries is highlighted by a new short story by Kimberly B. Richardson. It’s rounded out by stories from G.T. Fleming-Roberts, Arthur Leo Zagat, Frederick C. Davis, High B. Cave, Paul Ernst, Wyatt Blassingame, and Wayne Rogers, among others. Famous Fantastic Mysteries will focus on the weird fiction genre.

Each of these magazines enjoyed decades-long publications by a variety of publishers, comprising several thousand total issues. Now owned by Steeger Properties, LLC, these titles will be published on a regular schedule and in print and e-magazine formats. These new magazines will be printed in black & white and each is heavily illustrated. Argosy, Black Mask, and Famous Fantastic Mysteries will available via the popular book and e-book vendors as well as at

Altus Press is accepting article proposals and advertising for placement in future issues. Please contact to be considered for future issues.


Argosy (Fall 2016)

Argosy (Fall 2016)

Black Mask (Fall 2016)

Black Mask (Fall 2016)

Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Fall 2016)

Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Fall 2016)

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