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The new line of Black Mask eBooks continues, featuring stories #15-20 of Race Williams, the classic hard-boiled character created by Carroll John Daly for the pages of Black Mask.

Plus, we’ve released the long-awaited final Wu Fang book, The Mysterious Wu Fang #7: The Case of the Hidden Scourge, by Robert J. Hogan.

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The Mysterious Wu Fang #7: The Case of the Hidden ScourgeThe Mysterious Wu Fang #7: The Case of the Hidden Scourge

Into the city of Bagdad, once host to the forty thieves and hot bed of ancient sin, has come the Dragon Lord of Crime, Wu Fang—his purpose and his mission Death—but death more ghastly than any the mind of man can conceive, wrested from the secrets of forgotten centuries and now employed in gaining the mastery of the earth.

Race Williams #15: Half-Breed (Black Mask eBook)Race Williams #15: Half-Breed (Black Mask eBook)

Race Williams—Confidential Agent—is not a charitable institution, but the potential of cold, hard cash, not curiosity, will drive Williams to the brink. When a mysterious letter and hotel key from “A Real American” takes him to the twenty-seventh story of a New York skyscraper, Williams arrives early with his gun in-hand. Williams finds an empty room except for the dead corpse of a young Indian man, Race’s “Real American.” With only a corpse and a ticket to Oklahoma as clues, Williams must prowl the mean streets of New York City to find the killer and uncover the mystery as to why he was brought to Room 2740. Story #15 in the Race Williams series.

Race Williams #16: Blind Alleys (Black Mask eBook)Race Williams #16: Blind Alleys (Black Mask eBook)

Five one-hundred-dollar bills call Race Williams to an appointment. When he starts he hasn’t the least idea what it’s all about, and the further he gets into it, the more confused it becomes except that every hand seems against him. It is not long before Race gets mad, which is all that is needed to make him tear loose and see it through. Story #16 in the Race Williams series.

Race Williams #17: The Snarl of the Beast (Black Mask eBook)Race Williams #17: The Snarl of the Beast (Black Mask eBook)

Who is the criminal known only as “The Beast?” Too baffling for the police to solve, it becomes a manhunt in which detective Race Williams must track down “the most feared, the cunningest and cruelest creature that stalks the city streets at night.” But it will soon become Race’s most dangerous case as he tries to stay alive. One of the longest and best of the dozens of Race Williams adventures. Story #17 in the Race Williams series.

Race Williams #18: The Egyptian Lure (Black Mask eBook)Race Williams #18: The Egyptian Lure (Black Mask eBook)

An envelope full of money and a request to join his client at a tough nightclub downtown brings Race Williams face to face with many of the swarthy faces of crime. The shaded, dirty lights of the “Egyptian Lure” allows the Confidential Agent to slink his way through the club, assessing every hardened jaw and rosy-cheeked dame for his potential client. Suddenly, a young dancer is taken unwillingly in a dark corner of the club by a gang of narrow-eyed thugs, but Race Williams is a paid man, and uneasy about abandoning his client. Just then, another dancer informs him: the girl was his bankroll, and now she’s been kidnapped. But the dancer, a good girl named Bernie, paid Williams for action, and that’s what she was gonna get. Story #18 in the Race Williams series.

Race Williams #19: The Hidden Hand (Black Mask eBook)Race Williams #19: The Hidden Hand (Black Mask eBook)

Race Williams had run across criminals before, and a few shots to the head always took care of such threats. But how can Race deal with four separate rogues at once? And what of their ultimate leader, The Hidden Hand? Story #19 in the Race Williams series.

Race Williams #20: The Tag Murders (Black Mask eBook)Race Williams #20: The Tag Murders (Black Mask eBook)

Race Williams thought he had seen it all until he came face to face with the mystery of The Tag Murderer: the killer who left metal emblems pinned to each of his victims’ corpses. Solving the case is only made more complicated when The Flame, Race’s femme fatale, becomes entangled in the mystery: what’s her role? And is Race in her crosshairs too? One of the best adventures in the Race Williams series. Story #20 in the Race Williams series.

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