Order Fulfillment

Steeger Books utilizes a number of print-on-demand services to fulfill new book orders. We do not stock any of our new book titles: they are shipped once printed directly from our printer.

Orders of more than one item may be shipped separately, as our printers have their own methods of delivering books.

Delivery Time

For softcovers, the average manufacture time is around 11 days. Hardcovers usually take a little longer: 14-21 days. However, we have experienced lengthier manufacture times during the Christmas season, as well as due to COVID-19.

Once printed, the books are mailed via traditional shipping methods. In most cases, we will supply the tracking information to your invoice.

We’re not always informed of books’ dispatch from our printers, so please let us know if the books haven’t been received within 3 weeks.

Vintage Items

Our vintage items are usually one-of-a-kind, or one-copy only. We don’t list any vintage item in our store that isn’t in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.