Pulps Pricings Sales Census: Five-Novels Monthly (March 1931 and May 1935)

FIVE-NOVELS MONTHLY – March 1931 recently sold on eBay for $175.93

38TH Issue of 206


Authors: “Black Terror” by John Murray Reynolds;

“Feud of the Jay Bar Dee” by Arthur Hawthorne Carhart and here’s a bit of ‘magic” for you…
FictionMags Index shows the story “Vicky’s Magic Ring” by J. Jackson Grady, but the cover shows “Vickey’s Magic RUG”.
Grady only wrote 3 Pulp stories, all in FIVE-NOVELS MONTHLY.

“… in an unrestored glossy VF+ with no missing pieces, no tape and white paper.”

Bookery shows: “Uncommon” $8.00 – $20.00 – $40.00. $40.00 is for FN condition, so even if you wanted to double the price for a VFN copy that would be $80.00. The $175 selling price seems a bit high to me then.

– May 1935 recently sold on eBay for $351.40

86TH Issue of 206


Authors: “Brotherhood of Skulls” by John Murray Reynolds;
“False Cargo” by L. Ron Hubbard;
“Raking Guns” by L. P. Holmes

“Long running American pulp carrying a wide variety of fiction.
This issue is notable for an early story by L. Ron Hubbard. The magazine is in good condition. Front cover lightly age soiled with some corner creasing plus light edge wear.
Back cover also with some age soiling and light creasing.
Spine complete with fully readable lettering. Both covers firmly attached.
Interior pages in good condition with some small edge splits to a few pages.
Usual light age tanning but still very supple. Tight and square copy in collectable condition.”

Bookery shows: “Uncommon” $40.00 – $100.00 – $200.00

In my opinion, FIVE-NOVELS MONTHY consistently had some of the best cover images on Pulps between 1928 up to around the mid-1930’s.

ENJOY PULPS – David Lee Smith

Pulps Pricings Sales Census: Texas Rangers (Aug. 1942)

Here is very strange eBay sale, winning bid-wise. A very common issue in my opinion.

TEXAS RANGERS – Aug. 1942 sold recently in November 2016 for the amazing price of $152.50

TEXAS RANGERS – Aug. 1942 (original copy sold)

Bookery has nothing special written on it, listing it as “fairly common” and priced at $4.00 – $10.00 – $20.00.

(I picked up a copy of this issue at the most recent 2016 PULPFEST for $5.00 (!!!) in ten times better shape, so where’s that  bidder who lost, HaHa).

Also in Bookery: Oct. 1936 First Issue $30.00 – $75.00 – $150.00
Dec. 1936 Second Issue $16.00 – $40.00 – $80.00 and
Feb. 1937 Third Issue $12.00 – $30.00 – $60.00

Dealer stated: “I am not an expert on these so please look at the pics and make your own decision on the condition. Some are in amazing condition and others have tape on the covers and other issues.”

“Free Range,” the ‘Jim Hatfield’ story, is by the prolific Tom Curry, who wrote at least 61 of the 206 Hatfield tales.

TEXAS RANGERS – Aug. 1942 (Back Cover; original copy sold)

The short story “Battle of Giants” is by the prolific Chuck Martin.

There is no Robert E. Howard (who was gone by this time anyway) or L. Ron Hubbard’s so why the high bidding price?

(The Nov. 1949 issue has the 6 or 7 page short story “Man for Breakfast” by L. Ron Hubbard (written as by W. R. Colt) and this list at $20.00 – $5.00 – $100.00).

O.K., for $152.50 I see that the Back Cover has all 4 sides Taped about 2″ thick and dirty/stained, 1″X2″ Piece missing bottom left Front Cover, Tape on at least 3 sides of the Front Cover (Spine, and both sides), Date written “R 8/42”, “Chad” had a good read as he wrote his name large on the Front Cover; “H.R.” also enjoyed the issue with his/her smaller sized initials written at the left mid-spine, and a Dirty Front Cover. In other words the issue is pretty well trashed !

Curiouser and curiouser. $152 is more than the very top condition for TEXAS RANGERS’ First Issue.

ENJOY PULPS – David Lee Smith