More Pulp Releases: The Spider #4 and Dusty Ayres #11… At a Discount

Time for another pair of Popular Publications Hero Pulp title new releases: don’t forget we’re releasing two titles every other week, and that’s on top of our other forthcoming pulp titles! This time out we’ve got The Spider and Dusty Ayres… and both are on sale for one week only:

The Spider #4: City of Flaming Shadows

The Spider #4: City of Flaming Shadows

By Norvell W. Page, writing as Grant Stockbridge

The Flaming Shadows fell upon the city, shrouding whole neighborhoods in a fiery gloom—wherein walked screaming death and merciless destruction… Go with the Spider as he battles, single-handedly, the Flaming Shadows—to save the very people who pray for his destruction!

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Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds #11: The Blue Cyclone

Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds #11: The Blue Cyclone

By Robert Sidney Bowen

Black Invaders establish secret base in the Rocky Mountains!… American H.Q. heard this news in surprise—and dread. Despite our vigilance, the enemy had penetrated our Border, were hidden in our very midst. What was their plan? How would they strike? The nation’s safety depended on learning these answers in time—and Dusty Ayres and his buddies took the job, pitting their wings against the war’s newest death weapon—the Blue Cyclone!

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More Pulp Releases: The Spider #3 and Operator 5 #2

Time for another pair of Popular Publications Hero Pulp title new releases: don’t forget we’re releasing two titles every other week, and that’s on top of our other forthcoming pulp titles! This time out we’ve got The Spider and Operator 5:

The Spider #3: Wings of the Black Death

The Spider #3: Wings of the Black Death

By Norvell W. Page, writing as Grant Stockbridge

Like the consuming flames of a prairie fire the dread news spread: “The Spider has gone mad! He will massacre us all!” But Richard Wentworth, never more sane, was even then gambling life itself in one desperate effort to save the city which cursed his name—from the awful ravages of man-spread plague!

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Operator 5 #2: The Invisible Empire

Operator 5 #2: The Invisible Empire

By Frederick C. Davis, writing as Curtis Steele

Unseen, impregnable, the strange war engine of a foreign power hovered over America, awaiting the fatal moment to hurl death upon a thousand cities and towns. Foredoomed to destruction and desolation before the ravaging hordes of the Yellow Empire, bleak despair gripped the nation’s millions. And then men held their breath in agonizing hope—as Operator 5, single-handed, seized the last grim chance to save the United States!

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More Pulp Releases: The Spider #2 and Dusty Ayres #10

Welcome to 2019! We’re releasing two Popular Publications Hero Pulp titles every other week, and that’s on top of our other forthcoming pulp titles! Yes, we’ve been busy preparing a few million words of pulp prose for release, and it continues with these new releases:

The Spider #2: The Wheel of Death

The Spider #2: The Wheel of Death

By R.T.M. Scott

Mysterious death, suicide, and madness took uncanny toll of New York’s most prominent citizens. Only the Spider sensed the presence of the criminal genius whose tentacles were strangling the city—and the Spider was next on the crime monster’s death list!

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Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds #10: The Troposphere F-S

Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds #10: The Troposphere F-S

by Robert Sidney Bowen

Six men-o’-war sunk by Black submarines… Newport News Naval Base destroyed in broad daylight by invisible bomber… Dusty studied this report grimly. Had the enemy developed a new weapon—a ship that could fight under water and in the air as well? Grimly he determined to find out—in Black dynamite skies!

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The Spider #1: The Spider StrikesThe Spider #1: The Spider Strikes

by R.T.M. Scott

Meet the Spider—master of men! More just than the Law… more dangerous than the Underworld. Hated, wanted, feared by both! Alone and desperate, he wages deadly, one-man war against the super-criminal whose long-planned crime-coup will snuff a thousand lives! Can the Spider prevent this slaughter of innocents?

$13.95 softcover

Operator 5 #1: The Masked InvasionOperator 5 #1: The Masked Invasion

by Frederick C. Davis, writing as Curtis Steele

Invisible, secret, deadly, the masked empire wielded its dread power of darkness throughout the nation. Havoc and ruin followed the terror-torn thousands who fled the country to escape the Thirteenth Darkness. America, faced with certain disaster, placed her chance of survival in one man’s capable hands—and prayed that the warrior gods might smile once more upon the miracle man of her Secret Service—Jimmy Christopher!

$13.95 softcover

G-8 and His Battle Aces #1: The Bat StaffelG-8 and His Battle Aces #1: The Bat Staffel

by Robert J. Hogan

They sped through the night—a patrol of batlike monsters, their eyes fire, their breath a poison vapor that wiped out every living thing it touched. What were these flying beasts? What was the strange doom they carried? Grimly G-8 and his hellion buddies follow the wings of this horror staffel straight into terror skies!

$13.95 softcover

Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds #9: The Silver TyphoonDusty Ayres and His Battle Birds #9: The Silver Typhoon

by Robert Sidney Bowen

“Captain Dusty Ayres must be killed at all costs… Kill him on sight… All Black agents report immediately to headquarters…” Agent 10 stared as he listened to this enemy radio message. The first part was not surprising, but the second could only mean that the Blacks were preparing to launch a new offensive—the move which America had been expecting for a long while. But where? How? When would it strike? It was imperative to answer these questions before it was too late—and grimly Dusty and his battle eagles take up the trail, follow it across the Atlantic into enemy skies! An Amazing account of the next great war!

$13.95 softcover

Mavericks Headlines the Next Wave of Popular Hero Reprints

In stock on January 26 will be all five books in the classic Western series by Kent Thorn, The Mavericks. Originally published by Popular Publications, the Mavericks were a quintet of outlaws fighting for good in the old west. A throwback version of the same theme used in Popular’s Secret 6 series, this series has been out of print for some time. However, they’re available now in the digest-sized Popular Heroes series. Get them now!

Mavericks #1: Five Against the LawMavericks #1: Five Against the Law

They were wanted men, those five hard-riding travelers of the still night trails…. Mavericks all, they had entered outlawry for five different reasons, drawn irresistibly down the Owlhoot Trail from five different walks of rangeland life. They became one living inseparable unit of grim, uncompromising justice, united as one man by their friendship, their burning championship of the underdog—and the high, white flame of their courage…. Step up folks and meet the five Mavericks—Lance Clayton, Doc Grimson, Charlie Parr, Lockjaw Johnson, and Flint Maddox…. You’ll ride with them through many a blood-tingling tale of high adventure and heady romance during the months to come. We know you’ll like your saddlemates!

149 pages | 5.25″ x 8″ | $12.95 softcover

Mavericks #2: Mesquite ManhuntersMavericks #2: Mesquite Manhunters

Men beyond the law, forever outcast from the security and happiness of normal life, were these five inseparable owlhooters. But they rode straight into a bristling hornet’s nest of posse guns to take up a blood debt for the law-abiding folk of Tarpaulin—who had disowned them! Another great novel of those unforgettable, recklessly courageous bravos—Doc Grimson, Lance Clayton, Charlie Parr, Flint Maddox, and the solemn-faced, deadly-shooting Lockjaw Johnson!

159 pages | 5.25″ x 8″ | $12.95 softcover

Mavericks #3: Bait for the Lobo PackMavericks #3: Bait for the Lobo Pack

Five men, bound inseparably together by the immortal bonds of outlaw partnership, rode together below the Border to loot the rich booty of a thieving lobo pack. But the girl they found in that sand-town hell-hole drove them instead to a courage test in a flaming crucible of desert death and blasting killer guns.

158 pages | 5.25″ x 8″ | $12.95 softcover

Mavericks #4: Doc Grimson’s Outlaw PosseMavericks #4: Doc Grimson’s Outlaw Posse

In hidden cabins and moonless rendezvous along the twisted Outlaw Trail, grim riders still whisper the names of the Five Mavericks; still tell, in the hushed midnight silence, of that time in Bear Creek County when Doc Grimson and his longrider bunch risked a sheriff’s noose and lobo lead to cleanse from their name the damning killer sign—braved the hungry guns of an entire county so that one victim of their supposed ruthless gunplay might realize her rightful heritage!

167 pages | 5.25″ x 8″ | $12.95 softcover

Mavericks #5: Charlie Parr’s Gunsmoke CureMavericks #5: Charlie Parr’s Gunsmoke Cure

Charlie Parr, white-haired member of the five inseparable, long-riding Mavericks, wanted to rob a bank and lay up an old-age cache of outlaw loot. The other four were willing to play along—until they ran blindly into a more exciting, more reckless, job, where they could chance their lives and gun-arm skill for a girl’s happiness—and a brave man’s lost courage!

147 pages | 5.25″ x 8″ | $12.95 softcover

Altus Press to Reprint The Spider and Operator #5

January 10, 2018—Altus Press announced today it has obtained the licenses to two classic pulp characters—The Spider and Operator #5—and shall be offering their adventures in several formats in authorized editions.

Both part of Popular Publications’ line of hero titles introduced in the mid-1930s as conceived by Popular president Harry Steeger, their original adventures were written primarily by Norvell W. Page, Frederick C. Davis, and Emile C. Tepperman for a combined total of over 160 novel-length adventures.

The Spider in actionWhile portions of each series has been reprinted in retypeset format, never before has either series been completely republished with the original text and vintage black & white illustrations. These Altus Press editions will do just that.

The first collection from these two properties shall be a comprehensive oversized hardcover edition of The Complete Purple Wars, comprising all 13 parts of the Purple Invasion saga from the pages of Operator #5  magazine. Considered the War and Peace of the pulps, it’s a half-million-word saga which has never before been collected in a comprehensive edition.

Altus Press shall also be publishing the all-new adventures of The Spider and Operator #5, written by Will Murray.

Altus Press is the largest publisher and distributor of vintage pulp fiction classics. For more information, please visit