Pulps Pricings Sales Census: Red Blooded Stories (November 1928)


Red Blooded Stories (November 1928)

Red Blooded Stories (November 1928) sold recently on eBay for $228.94.

(2ND Issue of 5; transformed into TALES of DARING and DANGER for 4 issues)

CLASSIC Cover of nude African warrior battles (what appears to be) Spanish Revolutionaries.

Now how often did that happen?

Cover by Robert A. Cameron

Authors: “Honor of the Sea” by Victor Rousseau;
“Blood of Chaka” by Charles Billings Stilson;
“Black Waters” by Nels Leroy Jorgensen;
“Hounds of the Mesa” by Eugene A. Clancy;
This are also stories titled by non-prolific writers called:
“The Avenging Sword”,
“Dead Man’s Gold” (Part 2 of 7),
“The Siren of the South Seas” (Part 2 of 4);
“Winning Wings” by Guy Fower.

Fowler is one of those non-prolific authors who seems to have hit all of the RARE Pulp titles collectors look for today like:

Red Blooded Stories - Nov. 1928 (Outside Spine)

BRRed Blooded Stories - Nov. 1928 (Back Cover)IEF STORIES,Red Blooded Stories - Nov. 1928 (Inside Spine) 

FLYING STORES (1929 MacFadden title),
GHOST STORIES (also MacFadden),

“Chipping out of top corner on first 34 pages–does not affect any text. Front cover split about halfway down. Back cover splitting at top and bottom of spine.”


Red Blooded Stories – Nov. 1928 (PULPFEST 2013 Copy)

Another issue of this same month sold within 10 to 15 minutes at the opening day of PULPFEST 2013.

That copy was from the Robert Weinberg collection, in great VG++/FN shape, and sold by Heartwood Auction.

Heartwood had the first (or second) table near the entrance to the right and that red cover stood boldly out, perched high on an easel, as collectors first came in.

There was a $350.00 price tag on it but they quickly took $300.00 for a first big sale of the event.

Heritage Auctions had a 3 issue set that sold a year earlier in November 2012 for $567.63

“Red Blooded Stories/Tales of Danger and Daring Group (Various, 1928-29)



Condition: Average GD/VG…. (Total: 3 Items)

Includes the November 1928 Red Blooded Stories, and March and April 1929 Tales of Danger and Daring

(the first two issues as that title).

Bookery’s lists as “scarce” to “rare”. Complete covers and spines. Pages are cream to light tan but supple with slight flaking along the edges.

Approximate Bookery’s Guide to Pulps value for group = $375.

ENJOY PULPS – David Lee Smith

Pulps Pricings Sales Census: Flying Stories (Oct. and Dec. 1929)

FLYING STORIES – Oct. 1929 sold recently on eBay for $34.04FLYING STORIES - Oct. 1929

“Flying Stories” was a rare bedsheet pulp published by MacFadden, running for 20 issues between 1928 and 1930.

This… is for the October 1929 issue.

Authors include Frederick Nebel (with a serial installment of “The Scourge of the South Sea Skies”) and Laurence Donovan

Condition is fair; front cover has overall wear, creasing, tears and a small piece missing at the top.

The spine has portions missing.
The back cover is missing, and there’s a piece out of pages 95 and 96 which affects ads, but not any story text.
Paper is a higher quality paper than the usual pulp paper and is off-white and supple.

While not in great shape, it’s tough to find this title in any condition.”

The cover also looks like it has a tear through 1/2 to 3/4’s of the cover from the top mid-spine, moving right to the female aviator’s helmet, then moving south to the eagles’ wing. It also splits 1/4 way through into another tear heading up through the entire “F” in FLYING.

Bookery: “Scarce to Rare” $30.00 – $75.00 – $150.00

This is one of those Pulps mentioned in Bookery in which collectors have to grab whatever copy they can find, no matter the condition. You never know when another copy of the title will show or a particular issue.
The second series of 6 issues in 1930, put out by Good Story Magazines (with the same logo), is probably even more scarce being a ‘real’ Pulp.

This same copy is at Galactic Central, but the original owner took a lousy picture of it. This photograph was much better.

This issue has 5 short stories and 7 articles/columns/transcripts.

Authors: “The Death Jinx” (Part 1 of 3) by Edwin Vernon Burkholder (who wrote the 19 “Hook McGuire” series as George Allan Moffatt in The SHADOW);
“The Scourge of the South Sea Skies” by Frederick L. Nebel (Part 2 of 3)

Frederick L. Nebel (FictionMags says it’s a novel, but at only 6 pages that doesn’t seem possible, even being a bedsheet. Maybe they are adding all 3 parts of the serial together);
“His Fear of Being Afraid” by L. P. Holmes (who had a ton of stories in the Pulps);
“No Man’s Air” (Part 4 of 4) by Capt. J. I. Lawrence;

the 4 page manuscript “Grim Missiles from the Sky” is by Laurence Donovan;
the longest item in the issue is the 9 page “Flying Stories Told in Pictures”

Way back in March 2016 a much better Dec. 1929 issue went for a “Buy It Now” of $75.00FLYING STORIES - Dec. 1929

14TH issue of 14 of the Macfadden Publications bedsheet series.

Authors: “The Cloud Plotters” by Laurence Donovan;
“The Pilot Who Saw Things” by Jackson Scholz;
“The Death Jinx” (Part 3 of 3) by Edwin Vernon Burkholder;

“The Golden Eagle” (Part 2 of 5) by Guy Fowler (it continued when Good Story Magazine Company took over in Feb. 1930)(Guy Fowler wasn’t very prolific but he managed to find his way into all the scarce and Very Rare Pulp titles: BRIEF STORIES, GHOST STORIES, FLYING STORIES, COMPLETE MOVIE NOVEL MAGAZINE, RED BLOODED STORIES, FIGHTING ROMANCES from the WEST and EAST, SUBMARINE STORIES, and BLUE BAND MAGAZINE)

“Charles Lindbergh Aviation. All the pages are wavy as if once exposed to moisture. Yet no stuck pages and no smell. Pricing takes that into account. Really scarce issue.”

Having seen the copy it is truly in VFN+/perhaps up to NM- condition. The wavy pages are very, very light, almost imperceptible, with only some noticeable pinkish bleed into the inner back cover. I’ve seen brand new, fresh newsstand magazines having 10 time worse wavy pages than this copy.

Just 11 cover images are at Galactic Central of the 20 issues, but of those the Dec. 1929 issue has the weakest, less dramatic cover. Still, it is a scarce Bedsheet Pulp.

ENJOY PULPS – David Lee Smith