The Big 50

I just noticed while setting up a few new titles that we currently have 50 total titles available currently available under the Altus Press banner! Thanks so much for supporting us as we’ve grown to be one of the most prolific pulp publishers in the business! We had the good fortune of working with some of the most knowledgable and supportive authors and contributors over these past 50 books. We look forward to the next 50!

P.S: enjoy the soon-to-be announced title to the right!


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  1. Congratulations, Matt!!! I bet you don’t feel a day older (lol). I can’t wait to see the next fifty! It will only get better. The fans appreciate what you and Altus Press have accomplished in such a short time. I’m glad I have been asked to contribute to some of the books, they are volumes I will always cherish. Keep up the good work!

  2. Cool!!!

    Last time I checked, I had over 25 volumes. Could be over 30 or so for me.

  3. Oh, like the cover for “Man in Purple”, and how its similiar to your cover to his “The Bat”. Not familiar with the character, but will probably get it.

  4. Now, if you had been smart, like DAW did, you would have put a little ‘Altus Press #x’ on each book, giving them their own unique number…

    • I did consider that, but I thought it would be cooler to have all the books look completely different. Of course, if numbering would’ve “forced” people to buy every one of my books… hmm, might have to rethink this…

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